15 useful links to learn a language efficiently!

Since you have shown great interest in some of my articles related to tips and tricks for learning languages, I thought it would be useful to make a compilation of the best links to help you find the interesting articles. 👉 Here is a list of the main links that can be useful to you

Coliglote: the application themes revealed!

So, where are we on that famous app? We talk about it a lot, again and again, but what is there to date? Because it’s not all that, it’s all well and good the theory, but I know that you’re all eager to really use this Coliglote application to be able to progress and practice

What does “Coliglote” mean ?

Well, yes, indeed, what is that word? Where does it come from? Many people think it is my last name and some even affectionately call me “Coli”! No, no, no, no! No way! We’ll have to look elsewhere for the explanation. What is the real reason? I’ll try to shed a light on this mysterious

Sneak peek to some application screens!

Coliglote: making progress every day… The app screen designs are finished ; at last I can show you w   hat they will look like, when the application will be released! Ready? Let’s get started! 1. Startup screen The first 10 flags correspond to the first 10 languages available in Coliglote (other languages will follow, for example

Five reasons to love Coliglote!

In this video I give the answers to all the questions you have about Coliglote: 1.            What is it? 2.            How does it work? 3.            How does the interaction with a native speaker take place? 4.            When can I use it? 5.            Where can I find it? Altogether, 5 good reasons to love it and