COLIGLOTE “Everyday life” texts: written and oral comprehension

1 How to find this exercise?

These texts can be found in the autonomous part of Coliglote. To access them, you must first click on this button :

Then choose “Texts”:

And choose the type of text you are interested in:

Then choose the topic you want to learn about:

And finally the text you are interested in:

2 What is the instruction for this exercise?

These texts are bilingual: they are given in the language you are learning and also in your mother tongue to facilitate understanding.

You will be able to practise your oral and written comprehension thanks to these texts.

This is what the exercise looks like:

Tip! I advise you to listen to the audio first: you hide the written texts and try to understand the text spoken by a native speaker. You can listen to it several times in a row, I recommend at least 3 times.

Then you can read the written text in the learning language.

If you need help to understand, don’t hesitate to read the translation in your mother tongue too!

I’m curious about your opinion!

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