Forgetting your mother tongue: is it really possible?

“Mother tongue” refers to the first language a child learns in the family, whether it is the language of the country or not. Most people think it’s a bit like riding a bike: once you learn it, it’s there forever. But is it really that safe? Is it possible to forget your mother tongue when

Watching TV series to learn a foreign language

TV series are excellent tools for learning foreign languages. What are their advantages? How do they work? Should you watch the series with or without subtitles? Which series should I watch? Lots of tips in this new article! Advantages A fun and effective way to learn When learning a foreign language, it is important to

Confusions b and d? p and q? The infallible trick to never get confused again!

Do your children, your students, have difficulty differentiating the letters b and d, or the letters p and q? Be aware that this is very common! It is a problem that thousands of children face every day. It’s nothing very serious, but sometimes it lasts long enough to begin to get in the way of

How can I test my language level and obtain an official certificate?

When you learn a foreign language it is not very easy to assess your level of proficiency and progress. Moreover, if the project is to study or work abroad, then it is often essential to assess your level by means of an official test. – Why are language tests necessary? – What are the main

Accents in French

Oh, my God! French accents are so varied and sometimes so difficult to understand, even for native speakers… Here is first an overview of the 28 main regional accents that can be heard in France. In the video you will hear them all and if you don’t understand everything (which is very likely), I have