The English speak French without knowing it!

Did you know that? At least one out of every three words in the English vocabulary comes from the French language. This is demonstrated by the fascinating history of these languages that are so close together… In his book Story of the French language (Tallandier editions), Jean Pruvost, professor of lexicology, sheds light on what

Stereotypes about the French (and French women!)

The French have always had a reputation abroad that oscillates between extremes: between the refined and sulphurous lover, the noisy and demanding striker, the country man with his beret, his baguette and his litre of red wine, the dirty man who doesn’t wash every day, the chic and sensual femme fatale, the delicate doll dressed


It all started with an innocent post by my friend Jose from Brazil on our Coliglote Language learning Facebook group… A perfectly innocent publication, I assure you! Here’s what he shared with us: “Brazilian curiosity… In Brazil, you eat avocado… with sugar! You eat avocado as a fruit, it’s a very common tree in the

Travelling alone: a very good idea!

Travelling alone abroad… not easy. This can be a little scary at first, but there are many advantages to going it alone, both in terms of cultural and linguistic life. Here are 6 good reasons to travel alone! 1. TRAVELLING ALONE MAKES YOU FREER When travelling in a group, with family or friends, it is

Que país é esse? Which country is it?

Lush forests, beaches, deserts, waterfalls, canyons, half-timbered houses, Tyrolean songs… but which country is it? It’s up to you to guess! Thank you Diego! [ Devinette : de quel pays s’agit-il ? Diego Conte, 8 févr. 2019