COLIGLOTE – Words – Exercise 3. Progress in reading and listening comprehension

1 How to find this exercise?

Exercise 3 can be found in the stand-alone part of Coliglote. To access it you must first click on this button :

Then choose “Words”:

Then you choose the topic you want to learn:

And finally the exercise you are interested in:

2 What are the instructions for this exercise?

This is how exercise 3 looks like:

In exercise 3, you will see a word with a series of 4 different pictures. You have to find the right picture.

If your answer is correct, you will hear the word pronounced by a native speaker. Then the exercise will continue until you reach the end of the theme you have chosen.

3 Did you pass the exercise?

You will get a score that corresponds to your success in the exercise. You can see it by going back to the instructions page:

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