Learning a language with local people: discovering a new and very original App!

Learning a language, yes … but :

– I don’t really know how to do it

– I don’t live in the country so I can’t practice

– I don’t have enough time

– It is expensive

– I find it hard to stay motivated

– I am too old to learn

These are all obstacles that language learners may encounter at some point in their journey. I know all about them, I’ve been there myself…

Do you recognize yourself? Then Coliglote is for you!

Coliglote, what is it ?

Well, it’s a brand new application, completely free, fresh and beautiful, which has just been released and which works according to a unique concept, it has succeeded in combining in a single medium all the best that currently exists on the market: 

Coliglote is “Learning a language with a real native speaker”:

– Thanks to the exchange of skills between locals

– By respecting the learning rhythm of each student

– With real pedagogical material built by a real language teacher

– And – icing on the cake! – in a playful way, thanks to linguistic games

Who is Coliglote for ?

Coliglote is suitable for all audiences:

  • Students
  • Tourists
  • Expatriates
  • Passionate

And at all levels:

  • 5.           Beginner
  • 6.           Pre-intermediate
  • 7.           Intermediate
  • 8.           Advanced

Coliglote, how does it work?

Coliglote will allow you to learn languages in two absolutely complementary ways, unlike other applications. You will be able to study on your own, but also by practicing with a real native speaker.

Because a language is first and foremost a way to communicate.

Why adopt Coliglote ?

1.           School-type applications with grammatical and syntactic lessons but without interaction with real native speakers, such as Babbel. These applications are very rich and complete for learning the basics of a language, but once you reach a certain level of mastery, they are no longer enough: you need to practice to consolidate your knowledge and progress.

2.           Fun applications, such as Duolingo. They are very entertaining and their interface is very well done to hook the user. You have fun, you have a good time, but there is no real educational content and you go around in circles with exercises on very improbable sentences. Moreover, we only interact with the machine and robotic voices: contact with a real native speaker is missing to find some authenticity…

3.           Applications for connecting native speakers, like Hello Talk. Here you find the interaction that is necessary for progress through practice, but there is no pedagogical contribution. We are left to ourselves in a “linguistic correspondence” type of relationship, which is not enough to learn a language.

With COLIGLOTE, we have brought together the best of what exists on the market: an application that connects native speakers to learn together based on the exchange of skills BUT with guided and structured teaching aids, designed by a real professional in language teaching. And it is also – and this is the cherry on top – fun.

So what do you think? Want to try it?

It’s fast, free, and without any commitment …. So what are you waiting for to join us? Hundreds of users have already adopted it!

Here it is:

See you soon for rich linguistic exchanges, dear friend Coligloteur!

Article written by Ingrid, founder of Coliglote

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