COLIGLOTE Sentences Exercise 1: written and oral comprehension

1 How to find this exercise?

Exercise 1 is located in the stand-alone part of Coliglote. To access it you must first click on this button :

Then choose “Phrases”:

Then choose the topic you want to learn:

And finally the exercise you are interested in: exercise 1

2 What is the instruction for this exercise?

In exercise 1, you will see sentences in the language you are learning: you can read and hear them. To make it easier for you to understand, these sentences are translated into your language.

The aim of this exercise is to familiarise yourself with the intonations of the language, the syntactic structures and its spelling.

3 Did you succeed in this exercise?

This is a learning exercise: there is no mark.

You will be able to check if you have succeeded in exercise 1 thanks to exercise 2, which is a revision, before the graded exercises that follow from 3.  

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