Funny French expressions 2/8

Do you want to improve your knowledge of French, speak it like a real native? There’s nothing like knowing a few small, typically French expressions!

Here are 8 expressions, together wirh pictures and examples of how to use them in sentences, in order to help you remember them better:

“Being next to the plate”: making mistakes, not understanding the question.

Example: “The teacher asked what the weather was like and the student answered on Tuesday. He was completely next to the plate! »

“Turning around the pot”: hesitating to say things, not getting to the point.

Example: “I asked my boss for an appointment to ask for a salary increase. Once I was in his office, in front of him, I was so impressed that I didn’t dare to talk about it directly: I started to beat around the bush, talking to him about my skills, my seniority and the work I had done… hoping that he would understand where I was going.”

“Not having fallen with the last rain”: not being naive, having experience.

Example: “He really thinks I’m going to believe his twisted explanation for being punished in class by his teacher? He’s very wrong: I wasn’t born yesterday! I know very well the real reason for his punishment: he disobeyed.”

« Leeking » : waiting a long time for a person

Example: “I waited for him for two hours before he finally arrived at the appointment. He kept me leeking!”

“Tangle the brushes”: making mistakes, getting confused.

Example: “Between your mother who doesn’t eat gluten, your sister who is a vegetarian, your father who has a carb free diet and Jonathan who doesn’t tolerate lactose, I get completely tangled up in brushes for preparing meals, and I don’t know what to cook for everyone anymore.”

“It’s the end of the beans”: it’s the end of everything, there’s no hope anymore.

Example: “The allies have surrendered. It’s the end of the beans, we lost the war. “

“To put a rabbit to someone” : don’t go on one date and keep the other waiting.

Example: “Tonight I waited for Madeleine to go to the movies, but she never showed up. She put me a rabbit.”

“Cutting himself into four pieces for someone” : doing everything you can for a person.

Example: “My sister, I paid for her studies, I gave her a roof over her head and a table, I paid for her driver’s licence, I helped her in all her professional activities, I assisted her as soon as she needed it, I supported her in difficult times… in short I cut myself into four pieces for her! “

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  • Housna
    4 January 2021 at 21 h 19 min

    Merci chère Ingrid,
    J’aime bien ses expressions !❤


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