List of resources to learn Italian easily

Do you dream of finally being able to speak fluent Italian? Do you want to learn the language effectively? Do you want to learn in your own way and enjoy it? Browse through our list of resources for learning Italian! You need to know how to get started with the method that suits you best: Youtube channels, blogs and educational sites, online games for children and adults, song lyrics… Learn Italian now!

I have selected the best resources for you:

Blogs and sites

  • Apprendre l’italien avec Silvia : Italian teacher, Silvia shares her love for the language on her blog. She writes short articles with Italian grammar rules or expressions, in Italian and French!
  • Mordus d’Italie, On her blog written in French, Chloé, an Italian teacher, talks to you about the Italian language and Italy itself. She also offers online courses.
  • Superprofs dedicates an entire section of its site to the Italian language. Articles and advice from better teachers!
  • is run by an Italian woman living in France and offers you all kinds of resources and tips for learning Italian online.
  • L’occhio di Lucie is above all a cultural blog about Italy, its culture, its regions and its cuisine. But Lucia also talks about Italian and has even dedicated a series of very interesting articles on Italian expressions.

Free Online Italian Courses

  • Impariamo l’italiano A course produced by Rai Educational and the Italian Ministry of Public Instruction. It is particularly made for foreigners living in Italy, but it can be very useful for anyone who has already some basic knowledge of Italian and wants to progress in this language. In each lesson you have videos, each one presenting situations from everyday life. An excellent resource!
  • L’Italiano in famiglia A course for learning Italian through the daily life of the Fappani family. Each episode comes with a series of exercises to test and consolidate what you have learnt.
  • Le tour de l’Europe en 80 jours A site for 10-15 years old that offers fun and innovative learning of Italian and seven other European languages. Three levels are proposed.
  • Italiano Lingua Due offers two Italian language courses for people who have recently immigrated to Italy. One is specifically designed for children and teenagers Italiano per ragazzi, the other for adults Parlare Italiano.
  • BBC Learn Italian The BBC offers very interesting free online Italian courses with videos, lots of articles and all kinds of exercises to start learning Italian. Knowledge of English is necessary to be able to take advantage of this resource. 

There are also excellent Italian courses on CD-ROM. You can find them on The proposed courses are :

  • EuroTalk Instant Italien, here on a single USB key you will have the two levels of courses: beginners and intermediate.
  • EuroTalk ultimate Set Italien, six programs to learn Italian, from beginner to intermediate/advanced level, on one DVD-ROM. Among them there is also one for mastering business language.


  • Italian series  : in addition to the Italian courses, it is possible to improve your Italian throughout the series. Often known all over the world, there is something interesting for everyone.

Italian grammar and conjugation

  • You’ve heard it a thousand times, Italian would be an “easy” language to learn. And then you decided to get started and discovered Italian conjugation, the alphabet, word stress, and grammar… So you would have been lied to! Learning the basic rules of Italian is necessary to understand how the language works, so that you can master it better. Here are some sites to help you:


The app will be coming out soon.

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 Newspapers and magazines

Online Dictionaries

To listen to

  • Rai – Radiotelevisione broadcasts several radio stations, the best known being Rai Radio 1, Rai Radio 2 and Rai Radio 3. You can also have access to some TV programmes through Rai Play, but only if you live in Italy.
  • Musica per Junior presents numerous clips of Italian music, sorted by language level. Each song is accompanied by the lyrics, in the form of a gap-filled text.

Learn Italian…with your hands?

It is well known that Italians are famous for expressing many feelings or expressions with their hands. Here is a video of the most popular Italian gestures. A way like any other to learn and “speak” Italian, for the pleasure of the eyes!

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