The best resources to learn German

Are you studying German? To help you learn German easily while having fun at the same time, I have selected a list of free resources: websites, blogs, Youtube channels, games, magazines, movies and series… Are you ready? Let’s go!


2.       TO WATCH

Youtube channels

List of German films

German TV series to watch in original version on the Internet

A family and humorous series on the thele of the relationship between two families: a German family and a Turkish one.

Police series taking place every week in a different city in Germany.

Satire of company life by a boss like no other.

The life and adventures of the people of Lindenstraße.

Series to be used in German courses

Episodes followed by exercises to work on German grammar.

German online television channels

German channels Description of the chain
ARD Mediathek National channel, live or replay
Das Erste Mediathek Live or replay
ZDF Mediathek ZDF programmes, live or replay
ORF TVThek Big Austrian channel, live or replay
DW (Deutsche Welle) International German channel – Online programmes in several languages
Euronews German version of the European News channel live
3sat Cultural programmes of the channels ZDF, ORF, SRD and ARD
HR Channel dedicated to the Land Hessen
MDR Channel dedicated to Central Germany
rbb ARD programs for Berlin / Brandenburg
WDR ARD programmes for West Germany
BR ARD programmes for Bavaria
NDR ARD programmes for northern Germany
SWR Regional chain from southwestern Germany to the Franco-German border
Tagesschau24 24/7 information chain

Franco-German television channels

Channels Description of the chain
ARTE Franco-German channel with a cultural and European vocation
Karambolage ARTE specials with one video per week – French and German
Alsace20 Alsatian channel offering a cross-border magazine: Franco-German reports with subtitles

Other videos

3.        TO LISTEN TO

German music

German radio stations

Podcasts in German

DRadio radio podcasts on different topics

Various podcasts on Youtube in very distinctly spoken German

Podcasts created by the Goethe Institut

German audio books for free download

Public domain audio books for free download


Online dictionaries

Magazines dedicated to learning German

German magazines for young people

German newspapers online

Austrian newspapers online

Swiss newspapers online


  • Pronunciation
    Practical guide to the basic rules of German pronunciation by Lexilogos.
  • Grammar
    German grammar simply explained by Lingolia (tenses, verbs, pronouns, adjectives…).
  • Vocabulary
    Useful vocabulary list in German by Language Guide: move over each image to hear and read the corresponding word.
  • Vocabulairy training
    Vocabulix offers you a training portal to learn German vocabulary in pictures!
  • Grammar tests
    VOCABLE offers you online tests to train your grammar, conjugation, vocabulary… A funny way to review your basics!


Portal of the Institut Français to be read in both languages, as in a bilingual novel!

Site created by S. Renoncé which includes multiple help sheets in German, especially for BAC exams. The cultural and historical aspect is also present on this site.

Here is the website of Cyril and his daughter who learns German and shares with us her various experiences with the language!

This blog is that of a German teacher who shares all the information about German that can best help her students…and all those who go through it!

This site gathers a series of articles written by different German blogger teachers. “The best German blog”!

 “ein Blog für den Deutschunterricht”. Cultural resources and links to current events for high school and German-speaking students as a priority.

Jérémy, an expatriate in Germany, offers you this personal resource guide to learn German! Stammtisch, applications, sites, courses… he gives you all his advice!

Nearly 2000 college exercises for learning German.

Stories of a Frenchwoman who learns German in Germany and discovers German culture at the same time.

AllemagnOmaX is a platform on which you can exchange with French-speaking people on everything related to German and Germany. Ask for advice or help with German, share your impressions, etc.

Site dedicated to learning German for children through various games, activities and songs.


  • Coliglote : with the Coliglote application you will be able to learn and practice German with a native!


  • Lyricstraining : find the missing lyrics of German songs! Choose the language of your choice and the type of music you like.
  • DerDieDas : simply click on the appropriate determinant for each proposed word. Each word is also translated into French to perfect your vocabulary!
  • German ist Good : nearly 200 interactive mini-games around German. Created by a passionate teacher.
  • Wie Geht’s Allemand : hangman, memorama, hidden words…the Wie geht’s Allemand website offers you a series of games around the German language.
  • Ba Ba Dum : practice simple vocabulary in German while having fun.

Danke schön und viele Grüße !

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